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With permission from the author “Cindy Waeltermann” (the founder of AutismLink), I wanted to share this poem.  Though My Guy isn’t Autistic, this poem says so much regarding a parent with a Special Needs child.

The search for the perfect gift was me.  I would scour the stores trying to find what would he love, be interested in, intrigue him enough to want to play with it.  I spent a small large fortune on presents for My Guy.  Recently, knowing his 18th birthday was approaching, I gutted his room and the basement.  I donated ALL the toys he has no interest in or never had to his grade school and his highschool, as well as ALL the books went to the Daycare nearby.  It was heart-wrenching in one day to say goodbye to all the dreams that never came to be, but knowing that they will go to good use for some child helped push through some of the pain.