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Best possible title I could come up with today.  Yes, it was one of THOSE days!  I even remember placing both hands on the sides of my son’s face and reassuring him 45 minutes into my morning I wasn’t mad at him, I just didn’t like the day so far.

So to back up a few posts, I wrote to you about the first part of transitioning from Child Services to Adult Services.  Well I’ll take this opportunity to correct myself.  I had stated that my son was now receiving EI (Employment Income or what was once commonly known as Unemployment Income).  This was not the case.  My son actually is receiving Employment Income Assistance (EIA).  Which is not at all EI, but something offered under Family Services.  This of course makes good sense to me, but it goes down in the books, why people should not speak acronyms to folks who don’t work in the same field as them. 

How does that saying go “Assume makes an Ass out of u and me”.

So make to my Argggghhhh!  I have been playing phone tag with the woman from the EIA office for about 10 days.  Apparently since My Guy turned 18, he is legally responsible for himself.  Interesting concept, since cognitively he has no idea he is even 18.  I don’t even know if he knows he is a he.  When I took the morning off work and kept my son home from school to go ‘visit’ her to get everything in order, she forgot she requires his signature.  My Guy knows his name.  I strongly believe he doesn’t know letters and I know for a fact, he can’t spell his name, nevermind sign his name.  This would have been clear to her in the meeting.

Their form requires his signature.  His signature testifies he has provided a true and accurate statement and they cannot grant him EIA without that signature.  She wants him to mark an X.  Now an X is a legal marking, when someone cognitively understands what they are signing.  OR she wants his fingerprint.  Once again, legal, but the person has to have an understanding of what they are signing.  My Guy doesn’t.  Clearly someone gave her a mumbo-jumbo of words to relate to me, but I didn’t buy it.

Now, I told her since this was her mistake, how did she see she would fix it (this was left in a voicemail).  She had given it some thought and decided she could come A) to my home or B) to his school, where I wouldn’t be.  I have agreed to allow his fingerprint in this case ONLY and she can obtain this from the school.  I complete disagree with their thought process or anyone else who feels it necessary for me to hand-over-hand sign a X or provide his fingerprint for a signature.  I have made it very clear, that once I have my “Substitute Decision Maker” (look forward to that blog, once I can write it without venting), then they can complete a new form and have me sign it.

Why do government agencies demand signatures from individuals that don’t have the cognitive understanding of what it is their signing?  Do we not see the hypocrisy, that the very people who are looking after the best interests of a vulnerable person are requiring them to do something that is illegal.

This actually wasn’t my first encounter and nor will it be my last with regards to this specific issue.  I can only trust since this EIA person was new to their position, they have learned from the experience. 

“Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you’ll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others.”  Author Unknown