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According to Wikipedia, a ganglion, is a small lump most commonly on the hand or foot, not believed to be of nerve cells.  One would never think, they could cause so much pain; therefore, no post over the past several days.

<Insert picture here for better blog.  Reconsidered, as the images are gross>

I am exhausted.  Exhausted from lack of sleep.  Lack of sleep because of immense pain.  Immense pain because I have a right knee that has swollen to the size of a softball.  But yet, the ganglion is on my left foot, wedged between bones on the pad below my toes. 

I noticed this ganglion last year at some point.  When I walked, it felt like I was walking on a pebble constantly.  Even in my orthotic runners, bolts of pain would shoot through my foot, making me limp along.  Then it disappeared, as apparently they can float around an area, like a foot or a hand.  Awwwh, cured.


Voila, a few weeks ago, I could hear the mild whisper “I’m Back!!!”, not quite in an Austrian-American Schwarzenegger accent.  About a week later, I noticed my right knee was really hurting and going down or up stairs wasn’t a pleasant experience.  I began taking the stairs much like Troy, one foot to a stair, followed by the next foot on the same stair. Of course, turning 50, the diatribe of aging began running through my head and I could hear my father’s voice rambling around about how my body was getting old.

Yet, I am still quite young at heart and certainly don’t look the part of 50.  (Side note – amazing what hair colour has done for us the past 30 years.)  So even though I can feel immense pain from the sole of my left foot, and agonizing pain in my right knee, what did I decide to do last Saturday evening?  I became a Dancing Machine.  Yes, one song after another, after another, I swooped my husband up to the dance floor and danced like there was no tomorrow (all the time knowing I was going to pay a severe price for it).

Rythmetic acrobatic

Shes a dynamite attraction

At the drop of a coin, she comes alive, yea!

She knows what she’s doing.

She’s super bad now. 

She’s geared to really blow your mind.

Dancing    Dancing    Dancing    She’s a dancing machine

Yes, thanks to Michael Jackson, Prince, Cyndi Lauper,  Simple Minds, definitely The Bay City Rollers and a whole lot of newer bands I haven’t a clue what their names are, I woke up Sunday morning, pretty much unable to place weight on either leg.  I provided a reason for my Chiropractor to retire earlier, which he is quite grateful for.

I have concluded pain makes you exhausted and I have a new appreciation for anyone who is ailed with constant pain.  Mine is curable, though I am not much liking the two options:  1) live with it 2) cut it out.

Thankfully I have from now until New Year’s Eve to recover before I relive Abba’s Dancing Queen.

p.s. I am so grateful that I am no longer a single mother, as I truly have no idea how I would have accomplished all that needs done with Troy had I been on my own.  Just kneeling on the floor to change him or put his boots on was excruciating.  Thank you, the love of my life.