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As you know Troy turned 18 on the 29th of September.  There becomes a switch from Child Services to Adult Services with the Manitoba Provincial Government.

Here we are about 10 weeks in and I have yet to receive my contracts for funding for Respite Care nor my time-sheets.  I really dislike inefficiency.  For me, I just fill out the Child Services time-sheets, and write in Bold Lettering across the face that I still do not have my Adult Contracts.  We will see how long this lasts, as I refuse to follow-up with them.  There mandate is to assist me.

Working with Government Services for such a long time, one would expect you get use to the revolving door of employees.  When I first moved to Winnipeg, I had an amazing woman named Genevieve.  She went on a maternity leave during her time with us and her replacement was completely and utterly useless.  She NEVER once returned a phone in the year I worked with her.  The only exciting thing she did, was contact me to let me know Troy’s funding for a speech device was approved.  Sadly, I did 99% of the work around that issue, as Troy had been forgotten one too many times and I took the ‘bull by the horns myself”.

When Genevieve took a promotion, because of the caring style of her work, she recommended Ibrahim, who though an Adult Service Case Manager, he would have 18 months to get to know Troy before his 18th birthday.  Poor Ibrahim went through a lot with us, but he recognized I won’t call him unless I need him, but when I do please be there.  Ibrahim went through the nightmare of government approved renovations to our home and the red tape nightmare a family must go through.

About a month after Troy’s 18th birthday, Ibrahim called me on a Sunday.  Yes a government worker called me on a Sunday.  My heart went to my stomach, as I knew what was to be said.  Ibrahim and taken on a new position.  Here we had worked as a team, and as I helped Ibrahim learn the Child Services area, I knew I could rely on him 150% once Troy was an adult.

I truly am happy for Ibrahim and the fact he gave me the respect to call me on a Sunday, shows how much he cared for our family.

So we begin again.  I have a new Case Worker, to which I have yet to hear a word from, not even a 2 minute call of introduction.  I understand that most of these employees are over-worked and probably underpaid, but that issue is not my issue.  Their position that they choose in life is to be Troy’s Case Worker. 

Ibrahim has provided my new Case Worker with a brief history of our family and he has been advised I don’t take any bull.  I expect what I expect without problems and I ask only for what I need.

And to our past Case Worker, well he hasn’t really finished with us, as he still assisting me with the government application to be Troy’s ‘Substitute Decision Maker”, a process that takes 6 weeks, except it took them 4 weeks since receiving the application to call me and advice they are starting the process.

I’ll keep you posted with regards to the change in Services, but so far as expected there is very little news coming my way.

On a brighter note, here’s Troy and his two dogs; Golden Retriever is Bishop and Border-Collie Mix is Vegas.