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As part of the beaurocracy paperwork in applying for Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) those who are to be Troy’s SDM, must complete documents and submit them to be checked against the National Child Abuse Registry.

Here’s my thought on this:

1) I have cared for Troy for 18 years.  Up until now, no one has taken an interest if I have abused him or knowingly questioned me in any way regarding this.

2) If I was on the list, would I actually fill out a form requesting to be checked if I was on the list?

3) Eighteen years was suffice with no one really taking any interest in whether I did or didn’t, but now since he is an adult and someone needs to care for him, I must get myself checked out.

I also need to get a police check done.  Each of these items cost $10.00 and since both his step-dad and I need it done, the total cost is $40.00.  To some people, $40.00 is a make or break situation, fortunately for us it’s not.  However, I really do not like donating funds to the government, since I live in one of the highest taxed countries in the world.

Today, Troy received a package.  It was from the Vulnerable Person’s Office, hand-delivered.  In it, is all the forms I have completed.  The irony is Troy didn’t have to sign for the package, as it was given to his step-father.  Correction:  A young lady showed up with the documents asking for Troy.  His step-dad brought Troy to the door, to which the young lady proceeded to explain to Troy what the documents were about.  Troy, in all his classic way, tossed his head, stuck a finger in each ear and proceeded back to TreeHouse.  The young lady proceeded to apologize to my husband and seemed quite embarrassed while stating, this what she had to do.  The purpose of the package is to inform Troy of the fact we are applying for SDM.  If someone understood what was written at the Vulnerable Person’s Office, they would understand Troy doesn’t have a CLUE what is on those forms.  I am his mommy, his step-dad is his step-daddy and TreeHouse is on and supper is almost ready.  That’s about all Troy really cares about.

Here’s a kicker.  Troy inherited money, which he will receive via a trust at the age of 21.  It was a Testamentary Trust from my mother’s estate.  My ex-husband legally gave up his rights to his son, via a divorce agreement and something like ‘if you are moving to Winnipeg, you better make sure he is taken care of because if something happens to you, I don’t want him dropped off to me when he’s 30″.  Maybe not verbatim, but pretty close.

Apparently, Troy has no real rights though all these papers are to protect him.  See, his biological father has a ‘right’ to know we are applying for SDM.  He has a ‘right’ to know what Troy’s finances are.  He, meaning his father who gave him up, has a ‘right’ to attend the meeting.

So here I have protected Troy and his rights up until his 18th year and the Vulnerable Person’s Office, who doesn’t know Troy ‘thinks’ it’s protecting Troy by informing his biological father and his case worker, and his teacher and his case worker’s boss and not sure who else, Troy’s business.

I hate stupid for stupid sake, and this is classic stupidity.

Am I the only one who sees the irony in all this?