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I know that a lot of individuals who call themselves professionals, softened their retirement fund off of the back of Troy. 

I know that I really don’t trust the government or large corporations.  Too many situations over the past two decades of caused me to rethink where I stand on issues:  Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien, Bush Sr., Bush Jr. Madoff, Maddock, 9-11, and the list goes on.

It was announced that Dr. Andrew Wakefield has filed a law suit against individuals whose defamed him and the 12 other professionals who worked on a study there was a possible link between the vaccine MMR and pervasive development disorders and non-specific colitis.  Brian Deer, a journalist, BMJ-British Medical Journal and Dr. Fiona Goodlee (editor-in-chief) are now the defendants against Mr. Wakefield as it was disclosed through another current media fiasco, that BMJ receives (significant) advertising and sponsorship funding from Merck and GSK, who happens to be the manufacturer of  MMR vaccines.

If I didn’t have to financially support Troy’s life, I would take every dime I have and donate it to the legal fund of Dr. Andrew Wakefield.  What happened to him was criminal and sadly, we are reading story after story about situations like Dr. Wakefields.  I think of the recent Michael Woodward and Olympus accounting scandal or Bernie Madoff and the retirees he had as clients.  I think of Prime Minister’s whose legal bills have been completed paid for by the taxpayers, even when they have acknowledge wrongdoing.  I think of the millions who lost their house because Wall Street and Corporate Greed caused a housing collaspe, and some were paid handsomely off the backs of an American wanting a ‘home’.

I know for sure the answer is out there. I know for sure there are Dr. Wakefields all over the world wanting to know the answer.  They know that an end must be brought to this disability because at the rate it’s growing in percentages, the future must change NOW.

A WAR has begun and justice will be served.  Knowledge is power and we are gaining on them.

I admire your tenacity Dr. Wakefield.  This time I am the underdog and you are my voice.