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Every once in a while, someone decides to remind me how lucky I am to have such an amazing man in my life.

When I hear it, I cringe.  Sad to say, but it’s true.  How come they aren’t lucky that I am in their life?  I rarely, if ever hear that and I get icky inside and then I feel guilt.  Don’t you just love how guilt can take over your life in a blink of an eye?

Let’s backtrack a bit.  When previously married, I would hear far too often how lucky I am to have that man in my life.  He took time off to be with Troy’s older brother, when I was called back to work early.  I was lucky to have a man who loved to cook.  Lucky, he would change diapers.  Lucky that he would stay home at night while I went to Bingo (hangs her head in shame).  Lucky to have someone who read to the boys.  Lucky, lucky, lucky.  Yup I was lucky to have found such a wonderful man.

But you see, though he really did do all those things, it all came with a price.  Partly, it was showmanship, partly because I saw a lazy sod on the couch watching 24/7 golf.  I mean outside of watching tennis on t.v., nothing is more boring that watching golf on t.v. ( maybe bowling is up there).  Partly because every time we went somewhere as a family, he referred to it as a ‘dog and pony show’ and partly because he rarely did anything with his boys.  Outside of that, there were some pretty serious issues as well.  But, I was lucky according to him and well his mother, I guess.

One day I woke up.  I mean really woke up and realized if I am so lucky, why am I not feeling that way.  And so I began a new journey in life and that was to become a single mom.

Yet, life once again took me in another direction.  Stubborn as I was to never be involved with another man, lo and behold a Knight in Shining Armour appeared.  Well, he was actually a Theurgist in an online multi-media game, called Dark Age of Camelot, but he was on a horse.  (That’s him on the right and me on the left).  A friendship began, then a meeting, and then a new path that brought me to Winnipeg.

He is charming and witty (though I try often to remind him he is not funny).  He is handsome, with stunning blue eyes and long, lean legs.  He is a romantic and a care giver.  He has a passion for photography, movies, books, and s*x (my dad maybe reading this).  He is the father of his own two boys and stepped up to be a father to my oldest son and of course, he chose to parent Troy.  He puts up with me, a red-head, who equates her life to the best damn roller-coaster ride ever ridden.  He is my strength, my foundation, and my will, when I need it most.  He has given me laughter and friendship. Most of all he has given me the ability to trust again.  He is my life mate.

So yes world, I am lucky!  For I truly have been given The Greatest Love of All!  The love that is spoken of in fairy tales and Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movies.  In the songs from Baby, I Love You (Andy Kim) to Sweet Child O’Mine (Guns N Roses).

Happy Valentine’s Day Mr. McKay.

Love Mrs. Thatcher <moah>