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When it comes to Autism, I don’t think there is any other syndrome/illness that comes with such polarizing points of view.

There are so many treatments available for individuals with autism, such as:  Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA; Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy; Chelatin Therapy; Pivotal Response Therapy; Floortime; SCERTS; SON-Rise; early intervention; intense intervention; animal-assisted therapy; prescription medication such as Risperidone; Dietary Supplements such as melonomine, probiotics, digestive enzymes, B6, Vitamin D; Chiropractic, Electroconvulsive therapy and the list goes on, to a new one originally supported by the AustimOne Conference called MMS (I will let you research it because it disgusts me).

One would think that with so many treatments and remedies there is no possible way the statistics could be growing in Autism or ASD.  For us in Canada, most of these are out-of-pocket expenses, though I would like to take a moment to the forefathers and mothers who stood against local, provincial, federal and the Supreme Courts to get ABA treatment on the map and give them a THANK YOU.  Troy was never and will never be given the chance of ABA.  I will never know if it would have helped or not.  There are many a parent now, who does NOT stop to think, how that treatment came to be and the children who suffered along the way and the parents that paid the price, not for their kid, but the generation after them.

In my cynical opinion, there are a lot of Snake Oil Salesman making a pretty penny off of Autism and the spectrum.  Whether it be legitimate doctors, government agencies, or enterprising individuals, a lot of money is being exchanged and it is my personal opinion most of it is misspent.  Here is a classic example:  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this past March provided us the following new data:  http://www.cdc.gov/Features/CountingAutism/ .  Well no s*** Sherlock, how much money did you just spend not helping our children to come out with new data that any parent of a disabled child or any friend/relative/co-worker/Autism industry individual did not know already.

We need help.  We are desperate.  In this article here, mothers of teens and adults with Autism experience chronic stress comparable to a soldier in combat.  The difference is a soldier in combat actually gets ‘leave’ at some point.  Depending on the amount of Respite you may be granted from a government agency, ‘leave’ is few and rare.   That is pretty scary to me because I know the constant pain in my right shoulder-blade is stress, my nagging cough due to smoking is due to stress, my enjoyment of wine is due to well, honestly that is due to me enjoying wine.  Not only are we raising children and adults with ASD, but we are attempting to raise families, keep jobs, remain married and/or find someone to love us and our child/children, be supporting members of communities, volunteers in the community and our children’s schools AND find ‘me’ time.

It’s a difficult path we walk, with very little support.  My opinion is to research your information, ask others via the internet how a treatment worked for their child, don’t jump to conclusions that it will cure your child, but at least help your child and last and most importantly would you do it to yourself.  Find a quiet place (I know, I hear ya sister those are a rare place to find), ask the question of what treatment you want for your child and then listen to your inner voice.

With all this talk GUT FLORA in our children, are you listening to yours?

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