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Assuming you read my previous blog, you will understand why today’s press release from The United States Department of Justice is of such great interest to me. 


In summary, GlaxoSmithKline LLC (GSK) has agreed to plead guilty and to pay $3 billion to conclude its criminal and civil liability due to the company’s unlawful promotion of certain prescription drugs (Paxil, Wellbutrin and Avandia), its failure to report certain safety data, and its civil liability for alleged false price reporting practices.  This concludes the largest health care fraud settlement in U.S. history and the largest payment ever by a drug company.

As long as these stories continue, I will always be cautious of prescription medicine and vaccines.  Corporate greed has shown it’s ugly truths this past decade and we have all been hit by the agendas of their boards, CEOs and their minions.

There are two movies/videos I wish to watch in the near future because my curiosity is now peakingOne is 

and the other is

Jane Burgermeister – pandemic update 25 June 2012

Due to the latter, I recently searched our Health Canada website in depth, wanting to know who makes our vaccines and what specifically is in our vaccines.  I couldn’t find the information after days of searching for it.  I have written to them and I will happily provide the information when I receive it.  I will be curious as to how long the process takes.

Why does this matter to me?  I have no idea why Troy is disabled.  As stated previously, no doctor has provided me with how Troy became disabled nor have they told what his label is.  So therefore, will my other son’s children be like Troy, will my child’s children suffer, how many more children must suffer alongside their parents while we seek the truths, that’s why!