Several years ago, I moved from Southern Ontario, as a single mom of two young boys in their teenage years, my youngest with significant mental delays.  Taking a huge risk, we moved to Manitoba to be with my best friend and now spouse and his two teenage boys.  The merge though difficult, seems to have resulted in great success for all of us.  This is about my/our journey from Childhood to Adulthood with our youngest as we navigate the new world of Support Services and the challenges of raising a young adult with mental disabilities.


5 thoughts on “About”

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  2. You are a true inspiration to people, I wish you all the success and happyness for you and your family….

    • Thank you for taking the time to stop by and provide such words of encouragement. By chance do you live in England? and if so, I am working on something with regards to people with disabilities here and looking for someone who can assist me with a contact over there.

      • Yes I do come from England, I am fighting against the government attacks on disabled/sick people in this country, they are using us as scapegoats for their incompetance.

        Our disability benefits are being cut, disabled people are losing their homes, going hungry, we have even had 12 suicides because of our governments stance on welfare reform, things are getting very bad.

        What sort of contact are you looking for??

  3. My best wishes go to you, your husband and all your sons! This is a marvellous success story. Be lucky. Make the most of what life has to offer to you. As one of my blogger friends, The Island Traveler, would say: Stay blessed!

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